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Electronic Services:

 MNSL Wired, LLC is a network solutions provider specializing in design, fabrication, and installation of advanced multi-channel video and RF distribution systems, including digital broadcast satellite based infrastructures.   MNSL Wired provides its customers a full range of options including traditional RF based and emerging IPTV platforms delivered over a full range of structured cabling including CAT5, RG6, RG11 and Fiber.

MNSL integrates custom solutions for sophisticated commercial environments, including:

•          Sports Arenas & Stadiums

•          Hospitality

•          Campus Environments

•          Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) / RF Lab Environments

•          Airport Terminals

•          Filmed Entertainment Production Companies

•          Sophisticated Office Environments.


MNSL Wired's services include RF/DBS system design and integration, equipment design and manufacture, satellite antenna installation and dithering (tuning), RF/DBS signal trouble shooting, RF/DBS cable plant design and management.

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